Unite to Fight Against Ebola

“Unite to Fight Against Ebola” – Our CEO Spoke @ WBAI Radio 

Nov 11, 2014 – 2 -3 pm at FM 99.5 WBAI Radio, in NYC, Yovette Markey, founder of TheSafetyChannel and team talked with Barika of ArtsyFarsty Show on what the Baptist Church in Liberia is doing to help Ebola orphans and how can we unite to fight against Ebola. If you missed it you can listen it by clicking here:

Providence Baptist Church Medical Center and Orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia, is treating Ebola patients and receiving the orphans as their parent die here. The church has been serving as a partner with Liberian Government to fight the spread of the disease and to minister to the moral, physical, material and spiritual need of the nation and its people. According to the U.N. children’s agency, at least 3,700 children across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have lost one or more parents to Ebola and that figure is expected to double by mid-October. Many of these children are left to fend for themselves, and continue to live inside infected houses.

Click here to help these children

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