The Three R’s to Identifying and Combating Child Abuse

“Unfortunately despite the fact that child abuse does get some national attention it has increased seven fold in the last five years,” says Jana Adams, former child abuse victim, now a nationally recognized child advocate, and author of the award winning book The Colors Within: One Rainbow Reclaimed.

How can you combat child abuse and neglect in your community and what can you do to protect the welfare of your own children? Remember these three proactive steps to fighting back against child abuse and neglect.


Whether you are a teacher or work with children daily, or just know children in your neighborhood, there are signs of abuse and neglect that you can identify. Is the child irrationally afraid of adults, places, or situations? Do they have inappropriate knowledge of sex? Are they overly aggressive or withdrawn? Do they express a fear of going home? Are there suspicious marks on their body? Are there clothes torn, or do they look hungry or in need of care? Is there one member of the family in particular that they seem to try to avoid?


Fear of becoming too deeply involved is a major factor in why child abuse cases go unreported. If you are afraid of repercussions, reports can be filed anonymously. Do not let your own fear create bystander apathy. If you suspect abuse or neglect report it and let the proper authorities handle it.


Once your report is filed, relax. If it turns out nothing is going on, no consequences will occur. All cases of abuse or neglect are thoroughly investigated before any action is taken. If neglect is a reflection of a family in need, services exist to provide food or clothing for families and their children.

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Dr. Proactive Randy Gilbert founder of Inside Success Radio enjoyed learning from Jana Adams, child advocate and author of The Colors Within: One Rainbow Reclaimed during an interview on “Inside Parenting Success” with Jodie Lynn. You can learn these tips and more on preventing and overcoming child abuse and neglect by listening to the entire interview for free by going to

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