Surgical Safety Checklist – ACT Health

This locally made Surgical Safety Checklist video demonstrates how our operating teams at the Canberra Hospital carry out patient safety checks before surgery.

Patients play an important role in protecting their safety by understanding these safety checks for patient identification.

During your visit to hospital for surgery, many people will be involved in your health care treatment. Checking who you are is a very important way to make sure you receive the correct operation planned for you. You will be asked to say who you are many times during your hospital visit.

What you say will be checked against your patient identification band and hospital notes, test results and x-rays.

We understand that this may be frustrating at times, and perhaps seem strange or impersonal, but it is an important way of ensuring the safety and quality of the health care you receive. This is for your own safety to make sure everything is correct.

Staff in the operating room will do a final safety check just before your operation begins. To make sure that you are the correct patient and are having the correct operation on the correct part of your body they will ask questions to confirm your details.

You can also assist us to give you the best care possible by asking questions and speaking up if you have any concerns.

Author: TSC

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