Summer Camp & Sports Safety – Child Abuse Prevention Tips From

Irene van der Zande, the founder of Kidpower, talks about how to prepare your kids and protect them from child abuse at summer camp or while participating in youth sports –without it being scary or weird!

Instead of using fear to talk about danger…
Kidpower makes it FUN to Learn To Be Safe!

This video from breaks it down:
– What big question to ask the camp or sports organization;
– What skills to practice with kids – in a fun way! – so they can set boundaries and get help if they are uncomfortable with any other kid, counselor or coach; and
– What to do if you suspect or find out about abuse or something that might be leading to abuse.

After you watch the video, check out and The Kidpower Book.

Thank you Ilina at! This video is part of our Virtual Book Tour, first appearing on the blog about parenting in July 2012.

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