Safety Program Preview: Speak Up!/Listen Up! for Construction

Talking about safety doesn’t always come naturally on the job site, so give construction employees the simple tools and a practical process for delivering and receiving safety-related feedback effectively.

This customized program produced specifically for the construction industry applies the proven formulas inside Caterpillar’s most widely used training programs, Speak Up! and Listen Up!, to scenarios that will resonate with construction employees anywhere around the world. Get two courses in one with this combined training that can be delivered in a half-day workshop.

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Caterpillar Safety Services provides safety related products and training that leverage cultural assessment tools, continuous improvement processes and a proven formula for delivering a sustainable culture of safety excellence through the Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP™) Process. We coach leaders to demonstrate visible commitment to safety, provide supervisors tools and skills to develop a system of accountability, and get employees involved in error-proofing their processes.

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Author: TSC

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