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logo_cdc.jpgCenters for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC maintains several departments concerned with occupational safety and health, such as the Center for Injury Prevention and Control, and the National …

logo_childrenssafetycenters.jpgChildren’s Safety Center Network
281 Maria Ave, St. Paul, MN 55106

Children’s Safety Centers(R) is Minnesota’s leader in providing supervised visitation and exchange. Children’s Safety Centers(R) provides much needed visitation and exchange services on holidays(when others are closed), and hosts an annual holiday party for children, their non-custodial parents and extended families. Often, this is the only holiday celebration the children will have with that parent and the only opportunity to visit with non-custodial grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc..

logo_dhs.gifDepartment of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for assessing the nation’s vulnerabilities. It takes the lead in evaluating vulnerabilities and coordinating with other federal, state, local, and private entities to ensure the most effective response. The collection, protection, evaluation and dissemination of information to the American public, state and local governments and the private sector is central to this task.

logo-ecology.jpgEcology Global Network covers the breadth and depth of ecology with the day’s most intriguing and relevant content including carefully curated original articles, video and images.

Farm Safety 4 Just KidsFarm Safety 4 Just Kids
2772 170th St, Mt Union, IA 52644

We promote public awareness and understanding of the hazards to children on the farm. Provide individuals, families, and communities with educational opportunities and resources to make the farm a safe and healthy environment. Motivate and empower individuals, farm families and communities to make positive changes regarding farm safety and health issues.

logo_firestorm.pngFire Storm – Crisis management

Firestorm’s mission is to build strong Disaster Ready People and Disaster Ready Businesses through Continuity Planning, Critical Decision Support, Crisis Response, Crisis Management, Crisis Communications, Crisis Public Relations, and Consequence Management.

logo_usda_jpgFood Safety and Inspection Service

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is the public health agency in the U.S. Department of Agriculture responsible for ensuring that the nation’s commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg products is safe, wholesome, and correctly labeled and packaged.

logo_impactpersonalsafety.jpgImpact Personal Safety
P.O. Box 8350, Santa Fe, NM 87504

Our goal is to empower individuals to make effective personal safety choices. In an emotionally supportive environment, you will practice verbal and physical skills with our fully padded mock assailant. With this unique physical training method you can deliver full force, full contact, knock out blows to vulnerable areas on the padded assailant’s body in dynamic, interactive fights. Classes prepare you mentally and physically to handle the full range of challenging situations we all face in our daily lives and the challenges of extreme circumstances.

logo_istc.gifIndustrial Safety Training Council
324 Highway 69, Nederland, TX 77627

The Industrial Safety Training Council is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit training and education organization located in Southeast Texas. ISTC delivers safety training and site specific job safety orientations to contractors, as well as the employees of 42 local Refining and Chemical plants. The roots of the organization are firmly entrenched in the highly regulated Petro-chemical and Refining industry. With cutting edge technology ISTC also responds to the challenge of other industries by applying their acquired regulatory and compliance expertise in training. The results are reductions in cost while improving the quality of required training and documentation.

logo_listentokids.jpgListen to Kids
5315 N Vancouver Ave, Portland, OR 97217

Listen To Kids has a twenty-four year history of providing child abuse and domestic violence prevention and early intervention programs to children and adults. Our programs teach children how to get help if they are being abused and/or are livi ng with domestic violence. Children learn they have the right to be safe, to listen to their feelings and to tell and keep telling safe grown-ups when they need help.


MamaBabyBliss offers natural products for mothers and babies including holistic massage, baby massage and baby yoga.

logo_masscosh.gifMassachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health, Inc.
42 Charles Street, Dorchester, MA 02122

MassCOSH brings together workers, unions, community groups, and health, safety and environmental activists to organize and advocate for safe, secure jobs and healthy communities throughout eastern and central Massachusetts. Through training, technical assistance and building community/labor al liances, MassCOSH mobilizes its members and develops leaders in the movement to end unsafe work conditions.


National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
7881 S Wellington St, Centennial, CO 80122

The SMSA is dedicated to serving the needs and interests of state motorcycle safety administrators and programs by advocating motorcycle safety and fostering and promoting the exchange of ideas and resources. We are the people who coordinate the safety programs at the state level joined by other professional organizations, corporations, instructors, and individuals in intense efforts to make your motorcycle riding a safer and more enjoyable experience.

National Child Safety Council
4065 Page Ave. P.O.Box 1368, Jackson, MI 49204

The National Child Safety Council furnishes preventative child safety educational materials to school age children by means of programs conducted by local law enforcement departments and schools. Over the past year, the Council has worked with 5,086 schools and approximately 1.1 million school-aged children. The Council created a selection of new child safety educational materials and updated previous pieces dealing with general child safety, alcohol and other drug prevention, friendly police officers, school bus, seatbelts, sexual abuse, teen dating and child abuse. A total of 77 safety assemblies and 228 safety magic shows were performed.

National Child Safety Council
410 Ware Blvd. Suite 710, Tampa, FL 33619

The NCSC assists in the locating of missing children. We work with law enforcement agencies across the country registering missing children and unidentified persons and Maintain a 24-hour, 7-day a week 800-phone line and a website. Distribute educational materials, brochures, information packets and safety booklets to the public.


National Child Safety Foundation
468 Fieldcrest Drive, St. Louis , MO 63119

We assist communities in identifying, funding and establishing needed children’s infrastructure in their area. The infrastructure must meet several requirements including that it is entertaining, yet educational in nature. We also provide seminars nationwide on subjects that affect children and young adults the most. Seminar topics include Identity theft, drug and alcohol use prevention, and child abduction prevention.


National Fire Safety Council, Inc.
4065 Page Ave., P.O. Box 378, Michigan Center, MI 49254

In response to the overwhelming need for fire safety educational materials, National Fire Safety Council, Inc. was formed. Our mission is to direct a concentrated effort toward a special fire safety educational program of materials and services, which would assist fire departments in helping save lives through education.

logo_cdcfoundation.gifNational Foundation for the CTRS for Disease Control and Prevention, Inc.
50 Hurt Plaza, Suite 765, Atlanta, GA 30303

We unite a wide range of private sector partners with CDC scientists to achieve common goals. Sometimes, these partnerships begin with CDC scientists who have ideas, but lack the resources to test and implement them. At other times, individuals or organizations that share a passion for CDC’s mission recognize that they can better accomplish their own public health goals by working through the CDC Foundation to engage and empower CDC scientists.

National Safety CouncilNational Safety Council
1121 Spring Lake Drive, Itasca, IL 60143

Founded in 1913 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1953, the mission of the National Safety Council is to educate and influence people to prevent accidental injury and death. Raising awareness about safety issues that affect all of us regardless of industry, helps make our world a safer place. We focus on: Agriculture Safety, Driver Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Falls in the Home and Community, First Aid, Lead, Off-the-Job Safety, Poison Prevention, Radon, Safety for HR Professionals, Safety for Supervisors, Teen Driving, Understanding Radiation, Windows Safety, Workplace Safety Compliance.

logo_pfse.jpgPartnership for Food Safety Education, Inc.
655 15th St NW, 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20005

The PFSE is a not-for-profit organization that unites industry associations, professional societies in food science, nutrition and health, consumer groups, and the U.S. government to educate the public about safe food handling. PFSE is the creator and steward of the Fight BAC! (R) campaign, a food safety initiative that educates consumers about the four simple practices — clean, separate, cook and chill — that can help reduce their risk of foodborne illness.

Poisoning Prevention

Poisonings do not happen only in factories, laboratories, and other places of industry and science. Actually, individuals are far more likely to be poisoned at home than anywhere else. Parents and pet owners, especially, must be knowledgeable about the potential danger of poisoning in their homes; otherwise, the kids or animals might get into something that will endanger their health and welfare.


Public Safety Technology Center

The mission of PSTC is to stimulate and oversee the development and use of advanced technologies that can help reduce violent crime, promote officer safety, and impact public safety’s ability to effectively combat crime and respond to terrorist threats.

Residential Fire Safety Institute
95 Cardinal Ave. Albany, NY 12209

Our programs include Fire Safety and Prevention, Public Fire Safety Education, Arson Investigation, Development and Implementation of Uniform Fire Safety Standards for all States additionally. There is a convention and Education Seminars for the Membership covering the programs listed above, National Association of State Fire Marshals.

logo_safetycenter.jpgSafety Center, Inc.
3909 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA 95827

Safety Center Incorporated is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1934 whose mission is to reduce injuries and save lives by providing safety education and training. We accomplish this mission by promoting lifelong safety and health through a variety of community and professional programs.

logo theSafetyChannel and SafetyIssuesThe Safety Channel

As a leader in the world of educational safety and multimedia content news providers, TheSafetyChannel and SafetyIssues has blazed a trail to become a leader in the dissemination of useful and timely information in the attempts of becoming the preeminent source for all things Safety on the internet.

Since becoming the most comprehensive portal of multimedia safety information and as a nonprofit organization, we are exclusively focused on global tracking safety news, products, and services and encouraging the charitable endeavors of others. We are dedicated to assisting others and our world to better understand and incorporate safety consciousness in our everyday lives. Encouraging Safe and Healthy Lifestyles means educating the public by identifying hazards, proposing safe practices with an action plan to equip the public for a better quality of life.

Safety is both a global issue and a universal need. When you make a donation to TheSafetyChannel/ SafetyIssues, you empower our dedicated staff and all the fine efforts of hundreds of committed volunteers reaching out to people in need on a global scale.

TheSafetyChannel has identified several other noteworthy organizations and contributes to their efforts and outreach. Many hands make work lite. The following is a list of organizations that TheSafetyChannel encourages and supports.

Safety Medical Supplies International,

Patent Holder of the SafetyTip Needle, SMSI is committed to continuous product development, bringing high quality innovative and cost effective products to the healthcare market. Ultimately SMSI products assure the highest level of safety for the Patient and Health Care giver.

US Alarm Companies

Neighborhood watch programs are an excellent way to help promote safety and unity among fellow residents within your neighborhood. The main goal of a neighborhood watch is to make sure that everyone living there helps to look out for any suspicious or even potential criminal activity.

logo_womenofmeans.jpgWomen of Means
148 Linden St. Suite 208, Wellesley, MA 02482

Women of Means is a physician-run organization that sends teams of volunteer doctors and nurses into shelters in and around Boston to cut through red tape and provide free, patient-centered medical care to women and children. Founded by Roseanna H. Means, MD in 1999 “to improve the lives of women who are homeless or marginally housed through quality health care, education and advocacy.