Prime Minister’s Office sets out tasks related to strengthening safety

The Korean government has designated 150 new tasks… to be tackled… involving mostly safety issues… following heightened safety concerns… in the wake of April’s Sewol-ho ferry sinking.
Prime Minister Chung Hong-won presided over a meeting on Tuesday with the Office FOR Government Policy Coordination… and selected 150 areas to be scrutinized for improvement.
Among the 90 areas related to safety… vigilance at schools, day-care centers and senior homes will be strengthened.
Food safety and sanitation will also come under special attention.
In the industrial sector,… companies will be asked to ensure the safety of their infrastructure… to prevent ground sinking… or structure collapses.
Measures to eradicate illegal online gambling and offshore tax evasion are expected to be beefed up… as well.
Currently… a total of 95 tasks are being addressed… following President Park’s vow to normalize irregularities in society.

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