Pedaling to Safety

Last night’s storms may have damaged your property, destroyed your car, or took out your power, but for two bicyclists making their way across the country, it came close to taking their lives. But as News 5’s Kelly Baumgarten explains, thanks to one local family the boys are on the road again

Sam and Chris were pedaling their way across the country, until their ride was interrupted.

“We were rolling through just before the wild storms we’ve never seen anything like it.”

The pair took off from San Francisco three weeks ago, heading home to Boston. With only their packs on their backs and a couple of sleeping bags, they’ve been camping out along the way.

“We have a tarp that’s pretty much all we have and we probably would’ve strung that up,” said Sam.

Sam and Chris were biking down highway 6 and when they were nearly struck by lightning, that’s when they knew it was time to seek shelter.

“There was a big huge lightning crash just right behind me,” said Sam.

“So we turned around and came in here and asked for shelter and they were so generous,” said Chris.

The Hoffman’s were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at their farm house right off of Highway 6 in Juniata.

“I happened to walk to the house and saw these two bicyclists on the highway and I thought oh gee they should not be out there,” said Kay Hoffman.

The Hoffman’s welcomed the boys in with open arms.

“That’s kind of how it is when you live on highway in the winter time when the weathers bad and snow storms we’ve taken in people overnight and I guess that’s just what we do,” said Kay.

“This was probably our last chance and we’re really thankful that that last lightning bolt struck and kind of sealed the deal for us coming for shelter here,” said Chris.

The bicycling duo is pedaling for the planet. Sam and Chris have raised nearly 4,000 dollars for the conservation law foundation, an organization dedicated to making cleaner energy possible in the northeast.

Author: TSC

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