New Devices to Prevent Crashes Like TWA 800

PlusNew Devices to Prevent Crashes Like TWA 800New Devices to Prevent Crashes Like TWA 800The Associated PressA device to prevent airplane fuel tanks from exploding must be installed on certain passenger jets and cargo planes, federal officials said Wednesday, 12 years after such an explosion destroyed TWA Flight 800. (July 16)Federal officials are ordering airlines to install this device on certain passenger jets and cargo planes in an effort to prevent explosions like the one the destroyed T-W-A Flight 800.SOT Mark Rosenker NTSB chairmanWe think that the proposal that will go into effect Friday will go a long way in preventing the kinds of accidents that brought down TWA flight 800.All 230 people aboard that flight were killed when it went down shortly after taking off from New York back in 19-96.And officials are hoping that the announcement on Wednesday will close a long and troubled chapter in federal aviation safety.SOT Robert Sturgell FAA Acting AdministratorEvery step in the process of finding answers and creating solutions has been driven by our needs to answer 230 families who simply asked, why.Officials have said the plane exploded when a short circuit ignited the center wing fuel tank.Officials say the new devices will prevent such a blast from occuring.SOT Mary Peters Transportation SecretaryIt replaces Oxygen in the fuel tank with inert gas, effectively preventing the potential ignition of flamable vaporsFamily members of victims, though, are asking why it took 12 years to come up with a solution.SOT Matt Ziemkiewicz, brother of victimI’m disappointed it has taken so long. I’ disappointed that the industry didn’t want to step up to the plate and do the right thing and that it has taken an act from the FAA to make airplanes safer for all of us.Officials are now giving airlines nine years to retrofit more than 27 hundred planes with the devices. ___ ___, The Associated Press.

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