Local companies enforce safety measures

Workplace safety is making its way to the top of the agenda for local companies,… following a series of fatal accidents that have put the nation on edge.
They have plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure employee safety,… which will be directly linked to the future of their business.
Our Paul Yi has this story.

A fire inside an LPG carrier at a shipyard of Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan last month killed two workers while injuring two others.
It was followed by another accident in the city, a few weeks later, when an explosion at a copper smelter operated by LS-Nikko injured eight workers, including one who suffered second-degree burns.
In light of these recent accidents, including the sinking of the tragically unsafe Sewol ferry, major local companies are expanding their budget and investment in safety-boosting measures.
Samsung Group, which suffered a highly poisonous hydrofluoric acid gas leak last year, plans to earmark around 3 billion U.S. dollars this year, to enhance its safety system.
Hyundai Steel, which had reported several minor accidents over the years, increased its budget for safety-related operations from 120-million to some 500-million dollars.
As for Hyundai Heavy Industries, it will spend nearly 300 million dollars to improve workplace safety, while also making a comprehensive plan for its security management.

Businesses are shaking up their organizational structure as well.
Asiana Airlines appointed an external safety expert as one of its vice presidents, while SK Hynix moved its environment safety team into the headquarters and promoted the manager to vice president.

“Environmental safety is the most basic element in company management. If these basic factors are not implemented well, it can cause a heavy blow to a company’s growth in the long run.”
Experts say the recent move to invest more to ensure workplace safety shouldn’t be a temporary phenomenon, but regular procedure for local companies that want to secure stable and sustainable growth.
Paul Yi, Arirang News.

Author: TSC

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