Instagram – Social Media Safety Guide

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What is Instagram?
– See what people you follow are posting
– Take a photo & share it with your community
– Use filters & other tools to edit your photo
– Search users and hashtags
– Send photos & videos directly to your friends

* Free mobile app and a website.
* Can only post from a mobile device.
* It allows to take a photo/video or use a saved picture/video to upload.
* It gives various options for editing the picture/video with filters.
* You can also share your posts on Facebook & Twitter.
* You can send images/videos privately to your friends.

1. Instagram Community Guidelines
2. Post your own photos and videos.
3. Keep your clothes on.
4. Be respectful.
5. Don’t spam.

Step by Step Guide
1 Register
2 Take a photo or choose a picture
3 Use editing tools
4 Tag people, add location, share and type the description (use hashtags).
5 You can choose to send picture/ video to certain friends.

What do kids think of Instagram?
– Instagram is like a game where they are trying to gain more likes and followers.
– It’s third most popular app that teens are using (after Facebook & Youtube).
– Kids take pictures of everything and everywhere.

How are kids using Instagram?
– Kids work hard to get more followers and collect as many likes on their photos as possible.
– They post dozens of pictures every day.
– Most photos are selfies.
– Their self worth is based on how many likes and comments they get.

Why should parents care?
Kids are addicted to the app.
Kids work hard to get many likes, comments and followers so they feel popular.
Kids usually don’t think a lot before posting pictures.
Their pictures are (usually) visible to all Instagram users.
Their self esteem is tied to their latest Instagram post.

What can parents do?
Follow your kids on Instagram and see what are they posting.
Don’t comment or like their posts.
Use their posts to know what’s going on in their life (and talk to them about it in real life).
Use a service like to get an email every time your kid posts on Instagram.
Remind your kids to keep each post
“Light, Bright and Polite.”

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