How Safe is X-ray Inspection of Food?

How can x-ray detection equipment aid HACCP compliance

X-ray inspection systems help to ensure product safety and integrity by providing unrivalled foreign body detection, while simultaneously measuring mass, inspecting fill levels and seal integrity and counting components.

Despite this, some food processors still have reservations about adopting x-ray inspection as a method of product inspection. They are worried their staff may object to using x-rays or that consumers might switch to brands not subjected to x-rays.

Eagle’s ‘How Safe is X-ray Inspection of Food?’ video lasts 4 minutes and is designed to educate food processors about food safety inspection. It explains the principles behind x-ray inspection of food and is aimed at manufacturers considering x-ray detection to achieve compliance with HACCP principles and global food safety standards, such as BRC and IFS. Yes, people are right to be cautious of radiation, but the video dispels some myths about this increasingly popular method of food inspection.

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