Graco and NHTSA Recalls 4 Million Car Seats Due to Harness Malfunction

Location: Georgia

Shannon Walshe: The recent recall of Graco child safety seats is one of the largest recalls for the car seat industry. Welcome to the Daily Two. Joining me with important update his Jacquie Palisi, Family Safety Advocate, from Montlick & Associates.

Jacquie Palisi: Thanks Shannon. The official recall by Graco and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration now exceeds 4 million seats. The problem with the seat is that the harness buckle can malfunction if food or liquid gets into the release mechanism when that happens the buckles can be difficult and even impossible to unlatch.

Shannon Walshe: In some cases parents of had to cut the harness in order to get their child free or call 911 for help.

Jacquie Palisi: Yes, the difficulty releasing the buckle poses a risk to children who need to be removed quickly in an emergency.

Shannon Walshe: And Jacquie which models are affected by the recall.

Jacquie Palisi: The complete list is posted at the list includes seats that were produced and sold from model year 2006 through 2014.

Shannon Walshe: What should parents or caregivers do they have the specific models.

Jacquie Palisi: Contact Graco to request the newly designed replacement buckles that are being offered to customers free of charge. The replacement parts may take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. In the meantime the NHTSA encourages parents and caregivers to use an alternate car seat for transporting children.

Shannon Walshe: But if an alternate is not available”

Jacquie Palisi: You can clean the buckle by placing it in a cup of warm water. Gently agitated buckle by pressing the red button several times while it submerged to help dislodge any obstruction and make the buckle easier to unlatch.

Shannon Walshe: Viewers for more information about the recall and the proper use of car and booster seats please go to and click “Child Passenger Safety Programs.”

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