GM Recalls 3.16 Million Cars Over Faulty Ignition Switches

WEST COLUMBUS (James Jackson) — Another major recall of GM cars.

Once again, the ignition problem is to blame. Three million more cars are being added to the list. This makes more than 20 million GM vehicles recalled this year.

It’s been affecting some Central Ohio drivers for years. Damon Williams says he knew it was coming. He first got a call from GM two years ago, asking him to bring his Chevy in for a service check up. They wanted to look at his ignition switch.

“After I heard the recall numbers going up, and up, and up, I figured I should take my vehicle in and have it looked at,” Williams said.

He says GM officials told him there would eventually be an official recall. Then last month, Williams got a letter from GM, asking him to bring his car in again. But he ran into problems along the way.

“When I recently took it in, they told me that recall was null and void because of parts. So I called the dealership and I was advised to give my name and number and they would call me when the parts came in,” Williams said.

Williams is one of millions of drivers the company says could have ignition switches that can be jarred out of the run position. That could potentially affect power steering, air bags and brakes.

“I think that there was definitely an oversight that could have been avoided,” Williams said.

General Motors engineers got wind of the problem more than ten years ago, but investigators are trying to determine why it has taken so long for the company to take action. Williams, originally from Michigan, told ABC 6/FOX 28 his grandfather worked for GM and father worked for Chevy. He’s confident in the brand, but disappointed with its lack of efficiency.

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