Food Inspectors Speak Out

Food inspector Mandy from Gravesham Borough Council is on the trail of a Chinese takeaway.

Every food outlet in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is rated from zero to five with five being the cleanest. The takeaway Mandy inspects boasts a rating of four. But she finds fried chicken which has been left out of the fridge for six hours and a box which once contained raw, frozen food is now being used to store the cooked chicken.

In the food lab Chris meets secretary Sharon Sanderson from Halifax, who suffered from a very serious case of salmonella poisoning. Sharon ordered chicken and noodles from a noodle bar in Manchester – a decision she believes led her to be hospitalised with kidney failure.

Food inspector Russell from Reigate and Banstead Council visits a pizza delivery company where he finds fridges at the wrong temperature for food safety, a staff member washing his hands in the food preparation area and a box of chicken wings left underneath the pizza oven to defrost.

While food inspectors concentrate on businesses, most cases of food poisoning happen in people’s homes or workplaces. Our resident expert Ben visits the home of pet lover Linda in Tonbridge, Kent. Linda has a horse, a pony and a cat and treats them as her family. But not everyone is keen on Linda’s love of animals – her daughter Faye refuses to eat at the house when she visits, because she doesn’t think the kitchen is clean and she instead brings a packed lunch with her.

And Chris visits pie factory Pooles of Wigan. Chris is given a guided tour to show him just how they make a perfect pie while also ensuring food safety and hygiene levels are maintained.

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