Fema Domes for Safety or Internment?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has begun construction of domed buildings across the Texas coast. A FEAM Spokesperson said the structures are designed to shelter residents during natural disasters – this is raising the ire of Americans concerned that these could be also used as internment camps.
<br />The “Texas Safe Shelter Initiative Program” is plans to build 35 self-powered FEMA DOMES to withstand 200-mile-an-hour winds.

“Dome Construction was selected because the structures are cost effective,… energy efficient and very low maintenance,” a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety stated.

The FEMA DOMES can hold 4,000 people and cost up to 10 million to construct.

Local communities are being forced to foot the bill for the construction, with a 75 percent reimbursement by the Federal Government.

Construction costs of the FEMA DOME in Lumberton Texas is placing a significant strain on the economy there with an expected of four million dollars.

Nine FEMA domes are being constructed around the Rio Grande Valley and would be able to hold around 36,00 people.

In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, FEMA officials held residents in the Louisiana Superdome while law abiding citizens guns were confiscated.

When not used as Disaster Shelters or Internment Camps, they’ll be used as community centers.

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