eZoom GPS Tracker, Portable Tracking and Safety Device

eZoom GPS Tracke is a small device that you can use to track your car, kids, bag, pets…anything. The device gives off your exact location and you can use an app or website to track the device, get alerts and see full history.

Retail is $99 and there is about a $20 monthly service charge.

Here is more info –

With eZoom, you can locate your children, keep tabs on teen drivers, track down stolen items, and know the whereabouts of elderly or disabled loved ones. You can tuck the lightweight and sturdy eZoom into a pocket, laptop bag or backpack or permanently mount it to a car or motorcycle. E-mail and text message alerts tell you the unit’s location. Create SafeSpots and be notified when your eZoom enters and leaves different locations. Check your vehicle’s speed with the Securus website or smartphone app. The app also lets you press a single button to arm your vehicle and receive alerts if your car moves. The SOS button enables users to send quick location alerts to designated contacts.

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