Booster Seat Saves Life

A booster seat is not a baby seat. That’s the safety message that a Detroit-based rap group is trying to convey to kids between eight and … all ยป ten years old. Studies show that many children in that age group, known as ‘tweens’ who live in urban areas don’t often use a booster seat, which can help to save their lives. The booster seat raises them to the correct height in a car enabling the proper placement of a seat belt across the child’s chest. Slum Village is attempting to reach that segment through music by letting ‘tweens’ know that using a booster seat is “cool.” They’ve taken the safety message and put it in a hip hop song with the 4-Steps slogan, “sit, pull, cross, click!” Produced for General Motors by Medialink. Brought to you by SafetyTV Library.

Author: TSC

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