ACL tear prevention for female athletes, KneeBOUND

A torn ACL will take an athlete out for the season and sometimes their entire game career. Worse, a knee injury can cause trouble for a lifetime. That’s why we support the kneeBOUND™ program, training young athletes how to prevent injuries for life.

kneeBOUND™ is a unique youth athletic training program created by Dr. Cara Walther, an orthopedic surgeon at Desert Orthopedics specializing in sports medicine, and Denny Dragan, owner of Rebound Physical Therapy. It’s designed to reduce the number of ACL injuries in young athletes by teaching athletes how to control their bodies specifically to avoid injury.

Physicians had been seeing more female patients with knee injuries over the years. With preventative exercises specifically designed by physicians they hoped to lower the number of future injuries. This project was an instructional exercise DVD including interviews done in a documentary style.

This documentary produced by for

Author: TSC

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