About Us

The Safety Channel and Safety Issues:

Yovette Mumford-Markey, CEO and founder of SafetyIssues and TheSafetyChannel, is a graduate of University of Maryland School of Law and Carleton College, Northfield, Minn.


Ms. Mumford founded this website after a friend of hers died from a needlestick injury that caused her to contract HepC, HIV from bloodborne pathogens. See http://www.safetymedicals.com/.


Ms. Mumford is an inventor of the Safetytip, a safety needle device used to help prevent needlestick injuries for healthcare workers. She named her invention the “Safetytip”. After several months of the website being posted to advertise the needle as the safetytip, she received many emails from concerned citizens about safety information. she has decided to focus on helping to bring safety products, news and services to the consumer, commercial and industrial communities.


Safety Issues Publications, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Safetyissues.com is a multimedia news and information service for the community of interest concerned with safety. We specialize in developing and executing consultative content strategies for companies that offer safety products and/or services to consumers and businesses.


Our SafetyIssues reports explore the role that safety products and services play in the overall economy or in specific vertical industries. SafetyIssues reports consists of MicroSites, White Papers, Monographs, CaseStudies and our quarterly SafetyIssues Special Reports Series that reaches 70 million readers in our network of print, radio, tv and electronic syndications.


What is a consultative content strategy?


It is the production of credible, authoritative and objective content that is delivered to highly targeted audiences. The objective is to promote safety offerings by contributing to the body of knowledge. In so doing, meaningful mind share is captured…a prerequisite for market share.


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